New Treble Tips Football Launch From the Team Who Have Made Affiliates $166,536 since 2018...

I'm proud to announce our latest Football Tips Product...Treble Tips! 

Treble Tips is brand new football tipster launch that is set to be HUGE!

From the same tipster as the successful Football Winner this is sure to both a big seller and extremely popular.

The Treble Tips launch will last 6 days beginning on Monday 25th November 2019 at 9:00AM GMT and running until Midnight Saturday 30th November 2019.

If you have been part of any of our betting promotions before you'll know they pay out BIG and more importantly they stick around and deliver reliable rebill profits for months to come!

In the launch period we will be offering customers a 63% OFF Early Bird Discount deal which is sure to be very popular.

It is strongly recommended you promote in the 6 day launch period as the customer gets the best price and affiliates have the greatest chance of making a lot of easy sales.

Earning were sky high on our last football launch with $27,457 paid out to affiliates in less than ONE week!

Many affiliates earned over $1 a click with the average rate across all traffic at $0.90.

This doesn't even include rebill earnings which continue for months if not years after you promote!

The main offer will sell for either £14.95 a month or £67 a Year. While the upsell will sell for £37.

Affiliates earn 50% commissions on all sales.

The affiliate link you need is below. Simply change XXXXX to your clickbank username.

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1. Treble Tips Annual Payment - Get 50% of one off £67 payment.

Affiliates get 50% of all yearly sales.

Earnings are as follows:

Affiliate earnings per annual customer = £33.50
Affiliate earnings per 10 annual customers = £335
Affiliate earnings per 50 annual customers = £1675

2. Treble Tips Monthly Payment - Get 50% of £14.95 Monthly.

Affiliates get 50% of all monthly sales.

Earnings are as follows for customer staying an average of 5 months in the service:

Average affiliates earning per monthly customer = £37.37
Average affiliates earning per 10 one off fee customers = £373.75
Average affiliate earnings per 50 one off fee customers = £1868.75

*Please note standard Clickbank fees will also be deducted from above amounts. 


1. Football Winner Upsell - Get 50% of one off £37 payment.

Affiliates get 50% of £37 Upsell Payment.

Earnings are as follows:

Affiliate earnings per customer = £18.50
Affiliate earnings per 10 customers = £185
Affiliate earnings per 50 customers = £925

*Please note standard Clickbank fees will also be deducted from above amounts. 

Earnings Potential

Affiliates earned up to $2.89 per hop with our last football launch. This does not include rebills so earnings are likely to be even higher.

Why Promote the Treble Tips Launch...


Great for Customers.
All tips are treble bets on a range of football markets. Trebles are both popular and easy to place with this easy to follow email tips service.


Huge Commissions.
Earn 50% on Annual and Upsell sales. Plus earn 50% lifetime commissions on monthly sales.


Easy to Promote.
Promote on our launch and we have our easy sell Early Bird discount offer. Plus on our affiliate page you'll find a list of promo emails to help get you sales from your mailing list.


Huge Retention. 
On average our monthly customers stay for 5 months which gives you even more commissions on rebills!


Evergreen Quality Service. 
Our tipster services are reliable and sell for years and years. You can promote this safely over the long-term.

Background Information...

Treble Tips is a service focused solely on Treble football bets. Trebles consist of three bets and are placed as a combined bet.

The advantage of trebles is that you can multiple the odds of 3 single tips to create a better odds treble bet.

The trebles consist of bets from a range of football markets including 1X2, Under/Over and Double Chance bets.

Sales Page Preview

You can view a preview the start of our sales page below. We will switch our home page to the full sales page once we are live at 9:00 AM on Monday 25th November 2019.


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