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Why You Need to Bet on Trebles...

From: Steve Hudson

Are you sick of losing your hard earned cash to the bookies?

Are you sick of the promises of no good tipsters who waste your time and lose your money?

Surely you deserve better than this?

Surely it can't be this hard to win?

Sadly, the harsh reality is that the majority of gamblers will never make a real profit from betting.

With football betting in particular, random and strange things happen that make predicting outcomes incredibly tough.

Nobody Can 100% Guarantee a Football Bet Will Win.

The bookies LOVE how unpredictable football betting can be.

This unpredictability is part of what makes football such a beautiful game, but also what makes it infuriating to bet on.

So HOW do we climb this seemingly impossible mountain and finally make a decent profit from football??

Firstly we have let go of the things we can’t control such as….

  • Players underperforming
  • Teams underperforming
  • Poor referee decisions 
  • Random flukes

Sometimes no matter how much research and effort we put into our bets, things just don't go our way.

We've all been there when a bet just loses in the 90th, 91st or even the 97th minute!

It can be infuriating to lose that way,  but that's football and we cannot control everything.

Instead, we need to look at the bigger picture.

I absolutely believe it is possible to profit from football betting all you need is to find the RIGHT method, be disciplined and focus on the long term.

It doesn't matter if we lose some bets, it's much more important that we are beating the bookies odds over the long term.

A Betting System that Can Consistently Beat the Bookies Odds WILL Always Be Profitable.

Treble Tips if you haven't guessed yet focuses on multiple bets consisting of 3 selections. 

For a treble to be successful all 3 selections must win.

The interesting thing is about trebles is that they can either be your BEST Friend or your WORST Enemy!

Let me explain...

The bad treble involves 3 poor value selections. As the poor value multiplies you get a stinker of a treble.

The good news is with 3 GOOD value bets in a treble you multiply the value or edge you have.

Here's a quick example to show you how your edge/profit can be far greater if you choose to bet the EXACT same bets and EXACT same amount of money as trebles rather than singles...

Betting £99 as Singles

Cost of 99 £1 Bets = £99
Bookie Single Odds = 1.9
Bookie % Chance of Winning = 52.6%
Treble Tips forecast odds = 1.5
Treble Tips Perceived Chance = 66%
Treble Tips Profit Margin = 13.4%
Profit over 99 x 1.9 bets at £1 £11.94
(13.4% of £89.10)

Betting £99 as Trebles

Cost of 33 £3 Treble Bets = £99
Bookie Treble Odds 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.9 = 6.86
Bookie % Chance of Winning = 14.6%

Treble Tips forecast odds = 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 3.38
Treble Tips Perceived Chance = 29.6%

Treble Tips Profit Margin = 15%
Profit over 33 x 6.86 bets at £3 = £87.02 

(15% of £580.14)

The above example shows a scenario in which if we find 99 bets at 1.9 odds that we judge to really be a 1.5 odds bet.

As you can see the profit difference is staggering for EXACTLY the same value bets.

The single bets will make £11.94 for every £99 bet while the treble bets will make £87.02.

We Can Make 7 TIMES More on Trebles than we can on single bets!

So which would you prefer? 

Personally, I prefer making money the easy way and taking the higher margins that trebles give us over singles.

The simple fact is if we beat the odds and get a value price mathematically we make greater profits on trebles than singles.

But WAIT a minute!

If the above is true...

Why is it nigh on impossible to profit on trebles??

And why do bookies seem to love pushing multiple bets??

Like I said trebles are either very good or very bad.

If they are going wrong for you perhaps a few of the following errors have been made...

  • Assuming top teams ALWAYS win. 
  • Using "CAN'T lose" bets to boost your odds. Even 1.11 bets lose 10% of the time.
  • Not checking whether the odds of EVERY bet in the treble is good value.
  • Chasing big odds for a big payout, rather than because it's good value.
  • Having a bias towards your favourite team.

It's hard enough picking one winner, so to successful setup a profitable treble takes serious time and effort.

Poor value bookies odds can easily make your trebles unprofitable no matter how good the teams you are betting on. 

You have to get a fair price for your bet, as no edge = no profit. 

You also can't assume that big odds = value, as many outsiders don't win often enough to make a long term profit.

Also with football being such an emotive game, of COURSE you have a biased view. 

Of COURSE you want your favourite team to win, and it's fun to back the teams you love.

However, the bookie isn't interested in this, and they will punish you if you don't bet objectively.

To have any chance of success at beating the bookie with trebles it requires hard work, dedication and skill.

If you've made errors with your own football bets or perhaps a tipster you have followed has caused these errors, let me reassure you and tell you...

It's NOT your Fault

Very few people can make a profit on football betting.

Only an estimated 2-3% of people make a regular profit from betting.

Choose the wrong tipster and you have already lost.

Make a slight mistake with your betting method and the bookies pounce and take all.

It's a minefield, so many things can go wrong.

Football betting is complicated and difficult and it's not surprising most people struggle.

The Treble Tips method is here to help YOU and to change the way you bet for the better.

This method is rock solid and will only take you 10-15 mins a week to profit.

This is all you need to do...

This is How EASY it is to Follow...


Open Email. We will send consistent winning football trebles via email.


Place Tips. Tips are given with clear instructions on what to bet, what points to place and what odds are available.


Collect Winnings. Just by following our emails we expect your betting profits to grow and you can either reinvest profits or cash out!

Why YOU Need Treble Tips

Many people waste hours and hours trying to improve at betting, but they are looking in all the wrong places.

Information is only powerful IF it's correct.

Unfortunately, people spout more nonsense about football than almost any other thing on the planet.

Twitter has amplified this to astounding levels.

Every man and his dog is a "tipster" these days.

Sadly most tipsters do not know what they are doing and think nothing of advising 1000s of people to bet on something they are clueless about.

With Treble Tips I want things to change.

It's time for YOU to win.

There isn't an easier Football Tips service to follow and this is what you get..

This is what Treble Tips Gives You...

Start with Just £10 Stakes

Start with just £10 a point stakes and make £800+ or start with £100 a point stakes and make £8,000+

Premier League Specialist

Our tips focus on the English Premier League and other top leagues around the world.

WIN Rate of 46%

An Insane 46% of our Trebles win. Expect to win frequently.

Multiple Wins

Forget paltry returns from singles bets, our trebles supercharge your profits and make up to £8,000

No Long Losing Runs

No Long Losing runs date! Forget placing risky bets. We are here to make you a profit, not your bookie.

Great Support

60 Day Money Back Guarantee and we are only an email away whenever you need help with your bets.

Yes, but I've heard all this before. Why should I trust you??

I've been a professional tipster for 5 years and have been betting for 12 years.

My previous betting service AccaTipster is one of the biggest selling football tips services EVER and received over 100 5 star customer reviews.

With Treble Tips I've added a new specialist service that solely gives Treble winners.

Whether you're a member of my AccaTipster service or not you are sure to love Treble Tips.

If you want to bet on football and make high profits then this is for YOU.

It's that simple.

Treble Tips couldn't be easier to follow.

We only bet on trebles and we give you all the information you need to place bets via email.

There is a common misconception that football betting is not profitable like horse racing.

I wish to change that and prove that if done correctly football betting can be extremely profitable.

What you will get is an honest tipster that puts its clients first and focuses on long term gain.

Fully tested since April 2019 you can be sure Treble Tips is on your side to deliver HUGE profits.

The 3 Rules of Treble Tips

I truly believe that football betting is too complicated and this only serves to make the bookies more cash rather than the punter. Our Treble Tips service can be summed up with the following rules...

  1. 1
    Keep Things Simple I don't believe you need a complicated strategy to profit from Football betting. By simply betting on trebles we have plenty of opportunities to find great value football bets that make YOU a profit.
  2. 2
    Focus on what we can control. We cannot predict anything with 100% certainty. We focus on the things we can do to win and with a strike rate of 46% this WORKS.
  3. 3
    Adapt. Too many tipsters keep doing the same thing and are reluctant to change. We constantly revise and update our betting strategies to ensure you are always one step ahead of the bookies.

Check out the Feedback from our Trial Members:

Hi Steve

These treble tips are amazing!! I made £240 last weekend.

Thank you for the tips so far they are the best.

Cheers Ben

Hi Steve

I backed the trebles Friday forgot about it then returned to my account and noticed they had all won! These tips work great.

Thank you


Hi Steve

I’m so impressed with Treble tips. After only a few weeks of betting I’m already up £832. I know it’s still early days, but WOW these tips are good.


Hi Steve

I’m a long time subscriber and also subscribe to Accatipster. I have to say I think this is your best yet. My bank is getting bigger and most of the trebles are winning.

Keep up the good work,



Because of your advice I’ve managed to withdraw £1500 from my betting account. I haven’t been following for long but I can already tell you are miles better than other tipsters.

Can’t wait for this week’s tips.


Want More Proof?

There have been 100s of success stories from my members over the years. This is what motivates me to give YOU the best possible football tips

Check out what my past members said about my previous betting product AccaTipster below on the independent review site

But, Can Treble Tips Work for Me?

YES, Absolutely.

It doesn't matter whether you have never placed a football bet or are an experienced football bettor, Treble Tips can work for YOU.

By focusing on trebles you get an easy to follow and hugely profitable way to bet on football.

If you back the Treble Tips bets you can repeat my success. It's that simple.

My straightforward no-nonsense approach has done wonders for my betting profits and can do for yours.

With trebles, we hit the sweet spot between singles and bigger accumulators.

This way you get both the increased odds that trebles give as well as maintaining a healthy win rate and avoiding long frustrating losing runs.

Unlike some of the fake tipsters, I'm not going to make false claims about making you a millionaire or giving you a 100% win rate or any of that nonsense.

You and I both know the bookies would shut you down long before that happened.

What I can promise you is that I will put the work in week in week out, 52 weeks of the year to deliver you the very best and most profitable football tips available.

Treble Tips is proven to profit in our tests since April 2019.

I have spent months researching this and testing and these are the very best Trebles you can get.

To date, my new and unique Treble Tips method has made over £8,000

WAIT! How much is this going to cost?

If you are struggling to make a profit on football the last thing you want is a big subscription cost.

Many tipsters are out to rip you off these days and it's just greed.

I want this to be accessible to EVERYONE whatever their level of income.

I've put together a very special Discount Deal that gives you a massive 72% off.

This is a one-time deal and it is essential that we don't have too many members to keep odds prices achievable.

Due to this the offer is STRICTLY LIMITED.

Simply scroll below to view my low price offer...


30 Day Refund Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Refund Guarantee. If you are unhappy for whatever reason with Treble Tips in the first 30 days of purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a full no questions asked refund.

Steve Hudson

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Fully tested since April 2019 we deliver you up to £4160 a Month with a Win Rate of 46%. Get ready to back treble wins!

Simply select an option below to start profiting today...

Professional Treble Tips Service

Steve Hudson


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